Simon CallowMichael Hurwitz (31 January)

English Cellist and teacher Michael Hurwitz is the son of the acclaimed violinist Emanuel Hurwitz CBE who led the English Chamber Orchestra, the Melos Quartet and the New Philharmonia Orchestra among others. Michael began learning the cello when he was just eight years old and went on to study with Amaryllis Fleming and Keith Harvey.

In 1970 he played with the progressive rock and jazz big band Centipede. Some five years later he became a member of the Amphion String Quartet and remained with them for fifteen years before joining the Philharmonia Orchestra.

He has performed on many classical and popular music recordings. These include Finzi & Berkeley: Music for Oboe & String Quartet, with Keith Marshall and the Amphion String Quartet; Septober Energy by the jazz/progressive rock big band Centipede; Hoople by Mott the Hoople; Bump ‘N’ Grind by Jackson Heights; Blue Moves by Elton John; Latin Cello by The London Cello Sound; Mercadante: Decimini; La Poesia by The Philharmonia Soloists & Pietro Spada; The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other by the British progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator; and the Relatively Complete Symphonic Recording of Les Miserables.

In the field of music education he was a teacher at Trinity College of Music for a decade, after which he became a private tutor. Nowadays he occupies much of his time as archivist of the Philharmonia Orchestra.

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