Anthony Cheng (18 October)

Anthony Cheng studied piano with Professor James Kirby at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, he himself being an alumnus from the Royal Academy of Music and the Moscow Conservatoire. Anthony also frequently took part in Steinway Artist masterclasses at the resident Conservatoire concert hall, Dora Stoutzker (the hosting event for BBC Young Musician of Year and BBC Cardiff Singer of the World). Notable artists for whom he played were Freddy Kempf, Yevgeny Subdin, Llyr Williams, Cordelia Williams and Jeremy Denk. In his final year at RWCMD, Anthony performed Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no.1 in C major under the baton of Tianyi Lu.

At Cardiff University, he studied long-form feature writing with former BBC Wildlife Editor, Matthew Swaine, documentary veteran, Dr. Janet Harris (ex-documentarian in the Middle East) and cinema-journalism innovator and researcher, Dr. David Dunkley Gyimah. Under the all-encompassing influence of these mentors, Anthony truly engaged and trained the inner intellectual life that must accompany any successful musician and journalist setting out in this world.

Now, besides performing and private teaching, he is combining these two fields together - music and journalism - in a YouTube channel called FORTE Podcast. He interviews guests in the creative field to explore their relationship to their respective craft. His most recent success has been interviewing the renowned British concert pianist and teacher, Philip Fowke. His latest YouTube episode releases will be with senior lecturer/conductor at the University of Southampton, Robin Browning; and Dai Fujikura, an award-winning contemporary composer who was mentored and supported by the late 20th century figurehead composer, Pierre Boulez.

Anthony has his eyes on a future career of passionate variety - performing music, producing, writing and editing music-journalism projects such as podcasts/ documentaries for media channels.

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