Clive Myrie (2 December)

MyrieA keen concert and opera goer, the BBC journalist and presenter Clive Myrie’s role as Chi-chi Nwakoku’s interviewer promises an evening which ranges over a variety of subjects both musical and topical. Bolton-born of Jamaican immigrant parents, his mother was a seamstress who later worked for Mary Quant, his father a factory worker making car batteries.

Graduating from the University of Sussex in 1985 with a law degree, he joined the BBC on the Corporation’s graduate journalism programme. His first assignment was as a reporter for Radio Bristol in 1988. In 1996 he became a BBC foreign correspondent and has since reported from more than 80 countries. His career has encompassed major stories such as the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, and wars in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. During the invasion of Iraq by coalition forces in March 2003, he was an embedded correspondent with 40 Commando Royal Marines. His face is probably most familiar to viewers of the BBC News channel as an authoritative and lucid newscaster.

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