Jane Clark Dodgson (4 February)

A harpsichordist and authority on Francois Couperin and the Spanish influence on Domenico Scarlatti, Jane Clark Dodgson will be talking to Peter Avis about her life and work, and in particular her late husband the composer Stephen Dodgson, whose music she champions through a charitable trust.No composer’s widow known to the present writer does this with more persuasiveness, animation and dedication!

Dodgson was one of the UK’s most prolific composers, and like many of his generation, he was a BBC producer and frequent broadcaster. Through meeting his wife, his musical interests extended beyond an already wide range to encompass baroque and music for harpsichord. The evening promises to be rich with anecdote about, and insights into, the figures who enriched the world of British music and broadcasting in the latter half of the Twentieth Century.

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